• Samen leren met LT&C


      Welcome on the Moodle learning enviroment off Lesterhuis Training & Consultancy. 

    Feel free to create an account and browse in DEMO courses to get an impression of the possibilities of Moodle. 

    This learning enviroment is setup as a multi-language enviroment, English & Dutch. To switch the language in the course, please use the language menu in the header of the learning enviroment and/or switch you language preference at  your profile. 


    When creating an account, you will see a Privacy notification. Be aware that when you create an account, you need to be able to access your emailaddress to confirm the account. However there is no problem to fill in any other profile fields as a "demo", by example a "fake name". When you enroll yourself to a course, other participants will be able to see the details you have filled in. And send you a private message and/or reply to forum messages you have posted. 

    In case of any questions please contact us by sending an email to servicedesk@ltnc.nl . 

    Best regards. 

    Gemma Lesterhuis